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Welcome to our new WSJR-DB Radio Station Website

WSJR-DB Radio has been around for a little over a year and it was brought to life by saxophonist Gary Palmer and Kevin Foster. Though the station was never promoted much, we were having fun sharing all styles of music with our listeners, that promotion did not matter much, it has always and will always be about the music and the musicians.


Recently, after seeing our out the box listening numbers we have decided to bring it to yet another level...we created this new site, we have also added a couple of more DJ's and other features as well.


WJSR-DB is reporting station, and royalties are paid without no doubt… info can be found here on the WSJR-DB Radio site.

WSJR-DB is a very eclectic radio station, and we do not put labels on the music played, we just want to play great music for your listening enjoyment...plain and simple!

WSJR-DB plays all your favorite artists, Indie and Mainstream, again NO emphasis on LABELS just great music and the latest in Jazz whether Contemporary/Smooth/Latin/Fusion/World...as well as some R&B oldies but goodies and Gospel.

WSJR-DB Radio is committed to share your music with the world.

As musicians, we know it can become kind of pricey to send out physical Cd's to all radio stations requesting your music, so taking this into consideration we will accept MP3 files for submissions via Dropbox...ALL we ask of you is to PLEASE make sure that the songs are tagged properly...we do focus on quality, so please keep that in mind as you send your music in for consideration.


Stay tune for more updates, and if you are interested in DJ or Sponsorship opportunities or have any questions, please feel free to leave us a message.


You can follow us on FB or on Twitter  @WsjrDb.

We are extremely excited and hope to continue having you as our loyal listeners!!

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